Ultimate Lightning Surge Protection for PV Systems

Solar PV Plant protectionThe remote locations, exposed surface areas and extensive layouts of solar power plants put them at high risk of damage from the elements, particularly electrical storms. A significant concern for photovoltaic (PV) power plant operators is equipment damage caused by direct or indirect lightning strikes. Damage from these events can bring a PV installation offline for days or perhaps weeks, resulting in power interruption and revenue losses. To avoid the destructive effects of lightning strikes, overvoltage protection must be installed at the inverter and at various other locations in the PV facility.

Raycap’s Strikesorb, PV ProTec, and RayDat product lines are based on cutting-edge surge technologies that eliminate many common failures seen in PV installations. Contact Raycap today for more information about our surge protection and monitoring solutions for photovoltaic systems.

(G29-00-432) ProTec T1 PV 3+0_RevA
(G29-00-433) ProTec T2 PV 3+0_RevA
(G29-00-765) PV PCB Socket T1_RevA
(G29-00-766) PV PCB Socket T2_RevA

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