Ensure reliability and availability of equipment at Hydroelectric Power facilities

Hydro protectionVariable frequency drives (VFDs) at hydroelectric power plants often control critical systems such as irrigation, water levels, fish management devices or flood gate control systems. In many cases the VFDs may already be equipped with manufacturer-installed line side surge protective devices (SPDs) to protect against spikes generated by switching motor loads. However, these built in SPDs may not be adequate to protect the sensitive drives from damage by repeated large spikes or surges generated by lightning or the utility. To further protect the VFDs, integrators and electrical contractors will often recommend that additional surge protection be installed prior to a drive being put into service, further protecting the VFDs before costly failures occur.

Raycap’s solutions provide a stable electrical environment and virtually eliminate the losses caused by electrical overvoltage events. Its Rayvoss systems, featuring the patented Strikesorb technology, are trusted to protect sophisticated electrical equipment from damage caused by lightning surges, or large load switching occurring either in house or caused by industrial neighbors. Once installed inside or adjacent to the VFD, Rayvoss SPDs will effectively and consistently protect the critical systems which depend upon the function of the VFDs. Rayvoss SPDs are designed to handle multiple surge events without ever requiring maintenance.

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