Protect your investment in solar-generated power

Protecting solar sites from lightning surge damage is easy with Raycap’s PV lightning protection products. Raycap’s industrial lightning protection systems continuously defend solar power inverters and solar panels from damage caused by direct lightning strikes. The new Strikesorb 35 modules feature enhanced performance characteristics and are specifically designed to protect the DC power circuits of photovoltaic systems rated up to 1,500V DC.  Strikesorb 35 delivers reliability and high performance surge protection for PV power systems while fully complying with the EN50539-11 standard which defines the requirements and tests for SPDs intended for installation on the DC side of photovoltaic power systems.

Raycap electrical protection solutions provide industrial surge protection at the PV inverter and string or combiner boxes which make up the key elements of any PV system. Its industrial lightning protection solutions will continue to safeguard operations, even after multiple lightning surges, and offer protection from lightning to help PV operators maintain continuous power generation, lower their operational expenditures and protect the overall reliability and availability of the solar power operation.

Lightning activity generates intense electromagnetic fields that produce overvoltages throughout the photovoltaic system's wiring. Raycap PV lightning protection products featuring Strikesorb 35 SPD technology and signal protection solutions can eliminate that threat and ensure the safety of the solar power operation.

Strikesorb 35 surge protective devices are designed specifically for DC photovoltaic applications operating at voltage up to 1500V and are compliant with the EN50539-11 standard.


Direct lightning strikes are the greatest risk in the field for solar power inverters and the sensitive electronic equipment inside junction boxes. Raycap's PV lightning protection products with Strikesorb's optimum protection secure solar power investments from overvoltage damage and allow solar power plants to provide safe, uninterrupted service.

Raycap's Strikesorb 35 PV Surge Protection Features
  • Suitable for use in DC systems with operating voltages up to 1500V
  • Class I SPD per the EN50539-11 standard for surge protection devices used in photovoltaic applications
  • Offers uninterrupted protection from damage caused by lightning. Strikesorb 35 is able to withstand direct lightning currents of up to 10 kA (10/350 µs)
  • Electrical protection for solar inverters and string boxes
  • Signal protection for surveillance and monitoring systems
  • Highest quality, maintenance-free Strikesorb 35 SPDs are compliant to EN5053 and UL 1443 3rd edition
  • All Strikesorbs have a 10 year warranty
  • 100% of Strikesorbs are thoroughly electrically tested prior to leaving the factory, and each is assigned a unique serial number for traceability