Combination AC & DC Power Disconnects for Small Cells

Many small cell sites require not only AC power demarcation & distribution but capabilities for DC-powered loads as well.  Raycap’s “All-in-One” products can offer both in a single enclosure offering several critical advantages:

  • Full power distribution functionality in a single-enclosure mounted on the pole (no additional footprint for pad-mounted cabinets required)
  • Space-savings near pole-tops since only radio & antenna equipment required (no power-supplies or converters are needed there)
  • Better access to power-distribution and protection equipment near the base of the pole to help with maintenance

Raycap’s various “All-in-One” products offer unparalleled versatility for small cell power demarcation, protection and distribution.  They feature patented Strikesorb® 30-A-2CHV modules on both AC and DC interfaces to ensure maximum up-time and maintenance-free operation for critical wireless networks

Below find technical spec sheets on the best-fit All-in-One AC/DC distribution products:

  • RUSAC-1440-P-240-1:
    Up to 600W Capacity (~11A @54VDC) Passively convection-cooled
  • RUSAC-1AN2-P-240 Series
    Up to 4000W Capacity (~74A @ 54VDC) Closed-Loop Heat-Exchanger cooled
    Designed to increase capacity from 2000W to 4000W for the DC power-system (37A to 74A @ -54VDC). The 2kWRECTMOD is a
    hot-pluggable rectifier module that can easily be installed in any of Raycap’s RUSAC-1AN2-P-240 Series AC/DC Disconnect products.